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  • Tom Tredrea

    Kiel the first song on Stilllife is amazing. Truely you.

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thanks Dad!

  • Dmitry Andrejev

    this is beautiful please upload some more!

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thanks! I did about 30 songs. I will upload them in a bit...this is the only piano song though. =)

  • Paula Tredrea

    Simply beautiful Kiel!

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thanks Q!

  • Stacey Rettenmeier

    Beautiful, Kiel! I wanted to turn it up louder than my iPad would play!

  • Kiel Tredrea


  • peter fasano

    Sounds great Kiel...

  • Kiel Tredrea


  • Andrew Young

    an absolutely beautiful sound

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thanks Andrew!

  • Dann Villwock

    Nice Kiel never knew you played the piano very talented

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thanks Dann!!!

  • Guest

    So good man!

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Thank you sir!

  • ky4ep (Andrew Kucheriavy)

    Kiel, I think your song got a permanent place in the AV charts! :)

  • Kiel Tredrea

    Haha! I think you are right. =)

  • Paul Tredrea

    You really should do more piano pieces

  • Guest

    I totally agree. Where would he find a studio...oh yeah

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