Change has been rearranged from my original piece entitled "Eternal Paradise" which was composed in 2008. It allowed me to listen with a different ear and consciousness to take it to a higher level.

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  • Ebony Brodie

    Nice I remember when you were creating it I was there me & tj

  • karen rice

    I love your masterpiece

  • katie spivey

    Just love this music, so serene, and peaceful

  • Randolph Spivey

    Very inspirational, listens to it as I do my daily prayer.....

  • Selena Salgado

    This music is off the chain. Beautiful melody...

  • Ashley Staggers

    Yes.... Im definitely loving this.. Beautifully and wonderfully made.

  • Evelyn Spivey

    I could listen to this all day, just beautiful....

  • Katrina Elam

    Beautiful, love it

  • Thomas Spivey

    Enjoyed your music, I would like to have that playing in my office ...

  • kasey Wilkie

    Great Song!

  • Lesley Alston

    I'm so in love with this music

  • Antonio wilkie

    Very nice. Antonio

  • Kelley Ellis

    I love it, good riding music

  • Jimmy Alston

    I like the melody and artistry is excellent!

  • Sheila Potter

    Sounds beautiful!

  • Deuce Tyrell

    This is amazing.

  • Andrew Alston

    Hi Dad, I really like this

  • Daisy Tuck

    Sounds good big bro:

  • Ronald Knotts

    sounds good,need you to come give us a show out here.

  • Beverly Benson

    Sounds good brother inlaw.

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The song is about me coming to a crossroads in my life and forcing me to look inside of myself and to go further with my music from the original pieces that I have done. .
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